Jenifer Gates, Norwegian billionaire Alexandra Andresen or America’s expensive heir Georgina Bloomberg has the same passion for horse racing.

Jenifer Gates is the eldest daughter of billionaire Bill Gates and his wife is Melinda Gates. She had a passion for horse racing since she was 6 years old. In 2018, this woman graduated from Stanford University – major in biology. After that, she took a year off to focus on her passion for horseback riding and went to medical school.

To support his passion, billionaire Bill Gates bought land in Wellington, Florida – a place where wealthy riders come. Bill Gates spent $37 million to buy the entire property chain near the estate of Laurene Powell Jobs.

Ái nữ nhà tỷ phú Na Uy đam mê đua ngựa, cha chi tiền tỷ cho sở thích của con - Ảnh 1

In January 2020, she announced her engagement to the famous Egyptian horse rider Nayel Nassar. Nassar also attended Stanford University.

Georgina Bloomberg (born in 1983) became an expensive heir when her father owned more than $ 52 billion. Georgina is a horse racing athlete and novelist.

The billionaire woman has won a number of races such as the 2014 Rolex Grand Prix Central Park, winning the team award at the FEI Nations Cup Gijon 2014, Grand Prix Wellington 2015. Thanks to winning big prizes, She makes money and is less dependent on the family economy.

She said participating in this sport comes from animal love. However, 8X has many times suffered injuries during training and competition, caused by spinal degeneration that makes her vulnerable to the back. Besides the passion on horseback, the heiress also pursued a writing career and often gave charity.

Ái nữ nhà tỷ phú Na Uy đam mê đua ngựa, cha chi tiền tỷ cho sở thích của con - Ảnh 3

Alexandra Andresen (23) owns a $ 1.2 billion fortune when her father transferred a 42.2% stake in investment company Ferd – one of the largest private companies in Norway. Despite being rich, the Andresen housewives choose a modest and economical way of life.

The 9X currently has 4 horses and a big love for them. Female billionaires also won multiple times in the major races. Alexandra once shared that the strong economy from her family was a big support for her when she came to this “rich” sport, but money was not everything, the most important was passion.

No bragging of brand name, no fancy check-ins or flashy displays, all photos on Alexandra’s profile revolve around love for horses, races, discovery experiences and happiness with her family.