When the horse racing season is coming, buyers and fans will eye major events closer to home. Therefore, we today will provide you a list of the biggest horse racing regions in the world. You can choose the nearest place to attend horse racing events and betting on such sports.

1/ Japan

Few people think that Japan is one of the biggest horse racing regions in the world. However, the world’s third-largest economy is also the largest horse racing market worldwide in terms of value with an annual average revenue of £16 billion.

There are about 21,000 official horse races held in Japan every year, higher than other nations in the world. Of which, the annual Japan Cup, formerly the richest turf race with a £4.3 million prize purse, is the most famous event in this nation.

2/ USA

Horse racing is a nationwide pastime in the USA. With total revenue of £11 billion per year, the USA is home to a various number of prestigious turf events such as Breeders’ Cup, the Arkansas Derby, and the Belmont Stakes.

Besides, horse racing pundits are taking notice of horse racing events in the USA. That’s the reason why major horse racing bets and odds providers are now providing updated odds on all races in the country.

3/ Hong Kong

Despite a small area with about seven million people, Hong Kong has a strong passion for horse racing. This tiny semi-autonomous region’s horse racing industry is worth close to £6 billion a year. Most of which come from the Hong Kong Jockey Club.

Located in the Happy Valley neighborhood of the city, the Jockey Club hosts over 700 races per year and is home to the Asian Racing Federation, the consortium of countries that determines rules of horseracing all around Asia.

4/ Australia 

Australia may be more familiar to racing fans. The Australian horse racing market is valued at £3.7 billion per year. It is home to many famous international races, including the Melbourne Cup and the Sydney Golden Slipper.

Notably, Australia also hosts the glitzy Everest race, the richest turf race in the world since 2017, with a prize purse of £11 million./.