Identified as “Bluegrass State”-the home of cold grasses and bluegrass-style songs, Kentucky is a state of booming towns, infinite grasslands, the longest cave system in the country, home. Boxing champion Muhammad Ali and of course, KFC-Kentucky Fried Chicken (Kentucky fried chicken). A holiday in Kentucky will offer travelers just what they’re looking for whether they’re listening to bluegrass music at a fair, taking part in concerts, or playing and relaxing in the state’s many lakes. 

Seeing horse racing is a very fun experience for them! 

Established as the birthplace of Kentucky Derby and Kentucky Oaks, the Churchill Downs RaceCourse hosts three horse races in spring, September and autumn.

The track extends over a mile of gravel track with two oval corners with seven lanes per turn. The Churchill Downs Racetrack has also hosted the Breeders’ World Championship nine times, in addition to the Kentucky Derby and Kentucky Oaks that have been held here since 1875.

Visitors will visit the Kentucky Derby Museum to learn more about this phenomenon. Since 1985, the museum has been devoted to the preservation of the heritage of the Kentucky Derby, giving visitors an entertaining ride through the past of the Derby through numerous exhibits and films. Visitors can see horses bred and conditioned from birth to the moment when ponies can make them winners in races.

In 2007, after visiting Jamestown (Virginia)-the first British settlement site in the United States, Queen Elizabeth of Great Britain and her husband, Prince Phillip was here to cheer for the Kentucky Derby race. 

The 2017 horse race set a record of nearly 100 million that was pumped into betting. Of course, the amount of money received from tourism spending over this time is certainly far greater than that!

The Specialty of the Tournament

The bright, wide-brimmed hats were worn by the ladies on their heads as a hat display of all sorts in any race. It’s also a “underground race” in the stands, and it’s also a rare race invaluable as horses compete off the track!

Mint Julep is a drink every day while working in the baking sun of a field. By 1939, Mint Julep had been the official drink of the Kentucky Derby, which had at the time drunk more than 130,000 Mint Julep at Churchill Downs.