This week, Saudi Arabia will host the world’s biggest horse race with cash prizes of up to $20 million. 

The Saudi Cup is scheduled to kick off in the capital of Riyadh on February 29, hosted by the Jockey Club. The event will take place at the King Abdulaziz racetrack, with a track of around 1.8 km, estimated to draw at least 10,000 spectators.

The winner will receive a cash reward of USD 10 million, while the second prize is USD 3.5 million. Even the winner of the 10th place was awarded. 

The Saudi Cup also features seven other races on the track and on the pitch with prizes totaling $9.2 million. The goal of this event is to inspire people to watch domestic sports as well as to open up the horse industry and to interact with the international community to create a mark on the track. National. Global. 

For funding the world’s greatest horse race, Bloodstock Shipping has joined hands with InstoneAir and Luck Greayer (LG). Specifically, InstoneAir leased a Boeing 747 from Kalitta Air to transport contestants from Los Angeles and Fort Lauderdale (USA) to Saudi Arabia.

The top race horses from London Stansted, Shannon, Liège, Dubai and Hong Kong were also transported to the capital of Riyadh for race preparation. 

After the Saudi Cup in Saudi Arabia, InstoneAir takes several horses to the Dubai World Cup at the end of March

Managing Director InstoneAir Operator Jeremy Instone told Air Cargo News that they were incredibly proud to work with LG Bloodstock, Saudia Cargo and Arabian Horse Flights, our partners in Saudi Arabia, to guarantee that the first Saudi Cup will thrive.In recent years, Saudi Arabia has invested heavily in sporting activities, fostering soft power to help embody a more moderate picture of the region.